Winter Wilson

Winter Wilson’s current tour showcases their latest album “Ashes and Dust”, the follow up to “Cutting Free” which made the Daily Telegraph’s ten recommended folk albums for Summer 2014.

Having honed their craft during many years as semi-professional musicians, the duo went full time in 2012 and haven’t looked back since. They have a fine repertoire of self-penned songs, telling stories of everyday life which often reflect the bigger picture of this life we lead. (“Songs for local heroes,” as one punter said.)

Kip Winter (vocals, accordion, guitar, flute) is one of the finest singers on the circuit, expressing power and emotion in equal measure “from melting to belting”.

Dave Wilson (vocals, guitar and banjo) is amongst the top tier of British song writers, with his songs covered by some of folk’s “greats”.

But it’s in live performance that Winter Wilson really excel, bringing a sense of intimacy to every stage, welcoming audiences into their world, mixing songs with stories of life on the road. “This isn’t a performance – it’s a domestic!”

Tight harmonies, killer songs and a lot of fun – that’s Winter Wilson.


Kip Winter

West Germany (although her family lived in Holland at the time - bad day out!), but fiercely Scottish.

Holland, Germany, England, Scotland... also lived in France for a while - a bit of a nomad. But music always featured. Kip learned to sing harmonies on long family car journeys back to the Outer Hebrides every summer. "It was usually a two-day journey, in a Morris Minor with no radio, so singing was the natural way to pass the time."

Learned piano from age 9. Bought a second-hand flute for Fr400 when living in France in 1980 and has subsequently "pootled" on guitar, tenor guitar, bass, piano accordion and tenor ukulele. 

But mainly she loves to sing - anything from classical and jazz to soul, but especially folk and blues.

"My Dad, a great singer and musician and I learned so many songs from him."


Dave Wilson

Born & Raised
Sleaford, Lincolnshire (although he did briefly move next door, to Nottinghamshire!).

Bought his first (Yamaha) guitar aged 17 and taught himself to play from the David Bowie song book. He started writing songs regularly when he began attending Boston Folk Club in the early 1980s (to make up for not knowing any folk songs) and hasn't looked back since.

Dave's songs have been covered by musicians all over the UK and beyond, the best known being Storm Around Tumbledown, which has been recorded by Vin Garbutt and Anthony John Clarke amongst others. 

Today Dave plays mainly Martin guitars, plus a handmade Nick Benjamin. 

Occasionally he has a "rock god moment" when he gets the chance to play his Fender Strat.

He also enjoys practising banjo... loudly... at home.

Bob Dylan, Richard Thompson, Nic Jones, Steve Earle, Martin Simpson, Townes Van Zandt, Tom Waits, John Tams, we could go on...

"It's the words that matter."