2023, it's a wrap (almost).


That's us done for 2023 as far as live performances go. We're now busy booking flights, cars and arranging accommodation for our gigs out in Australia and New Zealand in the new year. We're really looking to returning down under - it's been a while since we were there and we've just hit the "Oh crikey, it's nearly here. Let's start panicking!" mode. As much as we will miss family and friends here in the UK, writing off a hefty chunk of winter here in Blighty and meeting up with friends old and new in OZ and NZ is a very appealing prospect.

2023 was another cracking year for us, with gigs all over the UK, Spain, Portugal and a wonderful tour of Canada. We've managed to get back to pre-lockdown gig levels and apart from a few blips, audiences are picking up. The one blot on the landscape being that we didn't get our intended new album written and recorded. There's a few new songs bubbling in the pot, I (Dave) just need to get my head in gear, put in the spade work, polish them up and get them recorded.

As always we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of the lovely folks that help us by promoting gigs, the volunteers that set up chairs and tables, run raffles, put up posters, give us beds, feed us and provide love and friendship wherever we travel.

As always, our biggest thanks go to everyone out there that turns up to the gigs. We really do appreciate your coming along. Without the punters there will be no gigs, so please keep supporting live music in all its forms.