A bit of a hiccup, but we're back out there.

It's great to be back out on the road.....for a while at least.

We had a lovely run of gigs during February and we were very careful, testing regularly, wearing the masks etc and managed to get through them with no covid cancellations. And then in March just before we were due to play Northwich folk club and the Black Dyke Mill Heritage venue in Bradford, we both went down with it and had to cancel. Both of those gigs have now been rearranged and thankfully we are both fine and back out there.

We recently played to a full house at Moreton in Staffs. It was great to see the event so well supported, especially in the light of so many events up and down the country getting cancelled due to poor ticket sales. We can get why people are reluctant to book ahead, but it makes it very tough on those promoting the events as they may have up front costs and may often feel that cancelling is better than risking a financial hit.

Hopefully as more and more events go ahead, confidence will be restored. There really is nothing live live entertainment, go support it if you can.