A chink of light for live events?

Live photo

On Thursday December 8th we played the Topic Folk Club in Bradford. It was our final gig for 2022 and they had to bring in extra seats, we were delighted.

Maybe we've just got lucky, but it does seem (to us at least) that numbers for live events are up a little. It's no secret that since lockdown, live music has taken quite a hammering. Tickets not selling, events getting cancelled and inevitably venues closing. We can get it; many folks (especially the vulnerable) are understandably nervous about mixing in crowds, folks stopped buying tickets due to so many events getting cancelled (a very vicious circle) and also a lot of folks have just got out of the habit of going out. All of that and the cost of greed crisis has taken its toll.

Aside from one cancelation due to poor advance sales and one sparsely attended (we're blaming the football) most of our events over the past four to six months have had decent audiences. We sincerely hope this is the same for all of the other musicians out there and not just a flash in the pan.

We don't want to get too excited, there is a long winter ahead, but (fingers crossed) 2023 is looking positive.

Thanks to everyone for the support. To those that promote the gigs, that put out the chairs, do the raffles (it's often the same person doing it all) and to those of you who have parted with your cash to enable us keep on doing what we do. It's very much appreciated.