Costa, you were great!

Dave & Kip on stage at Costa 2

To be honest we were pretty shattered by the time we'd finished our Canadian tour. The gigs were great, but the miles were starting to drag. Not that we had a lot of time to think about it. We got home home on the Tuesday evening and were on the road to Derby on the Friday to play the Derby Folk Weekender (always a pleasure). Back home again on the Sunday night. Cut the grass, do the washing and then on the Wednesday we flew to Portugal for the Costa Music Festival.

Costa was just what we needed. We arrived Wednesday night but we weren't performing until the Friday. We slept, swam in the pool, slept, swam in the sea, slept, watched some great acts and then slept some more. It was brilliant. Where else could you wallow in a swimming pool whilst watching Ralph McTell play a stonking set?

We had a week of sunshine, excellent company, great music and met up with a lot of friends; it really was special. Thank you Costa. Please ask us back - we'll be there like a shot.

Dave & Kip on stage at Costa