Nelly a Folk Musical.

We are delighted to be a part of this wonderful production.

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Born into poverty, Nell Gwynne became the most famous woman in Restoration England. A cinder girl and fish hawker. An orange seller who became the leading comedy female actor. History tells us her fame comes from being the mistress (for 17 years) of the restored King Charles II. But men write history. The real reason we know her is because she was funny. Samuel Pepys called her "pretty, witty Nell". She was courted by poets, playwrights, politicians and the finest minds of the age. A remarkable woman in a fascinating time (plague, fire, plots) who fell in love with a king. He found the common touch, she never lost it.

It's said that the whole world knows Nell Gwynne. Our play - funny, sad and with some belting songs - shows you why.

Nelly was written by Graham Hopkins and features songs written by Jo Freyer, Dave Wilson, Lucy Ward, Robb Johnson, Boff Whalley and Reg Meuross.

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