Oz Bound Again

Tour photo

I’ll be honest (Dave) I’m amazed at the tour we have in front of us. We’ve toured in Oz twice before and both times I must have applied for about eight or ten festivals and we were booked for a couple. This time I applied for ten and we’ve been booked for seven. I don’t know what has changed, I’m guessing it’s just luck, but whatever it is, we’ll take it.

We also have a decent run of gigs in New Zealand, which wasn’t actually a part of the original plan. We were heading to NZ for a bit of a holiday and to visit friends, but as many of our friends are involved in the folk scene, the gigs sort of fell into place.

I’m writing this post the night before we leave for Heathrow which is where we fly out from on Wednesday for our first gig which is on Friday in Tasmania. It feels a little surreal right now. Reality will no doubt bite hard once the jet lag kicks in.

As with previous long distance tours, we will be posting a blog for folks to follow. When I say folks to follow, that means something to remind us where we’ve been. Should you wish you can find the blog here, please feel free to post your comments and observations, it all helps keep it interesting.

We’ll post again once we’re on the way.