Thoughts from a Very Sunny Scotland

I’m writing this sat in Tallulah our beautiful tourbus (VW T5 van) parked in Stirling Rugby Club's car park ahead of tonight’s gig at Stirling folk club. And the weird thing is it's November and it’s sunny (see the photo of the Wallace Monument below).

Isn’t technology brilliant? Not only am I writing this article, I’ve also just emailed someone about a potential gig in Canada. All being well we will be back over there to play a few gigs in September 2023. We were last out there in 2019 and loved it. It’s a lovely country and the folks we met were smashing, very friendly and welcoming.

This is our final run of gigs for 2022 and to be honest we’re looking forward to a bit of a break. We’ve had an incredibly busy year. Firstly there was a load of gigs that had been rolled over from lockdown, then we had good amount of new gigs come in and finally there was the Nelly tour that filled in the remaining gaps.

During lockdown I (Dave) was asked if I could write some songs for a play about Nel Gwynne. Of course I can says I (I hadn’t a clue to be honest). I then received a book and a brief about the play from the author of both Mr Graham Hopkins. The songs were duly written and despatched to Graham and we thought that was the end of it. However Gray had other ideas, he made plans to take the play on the road and asked if we’d be a part of it. Yes said we and along with Graham, Emily, Conor, Robb and occasionally Lucy we zipped around the country having a lot of fun.

It was also good to get back to Germany for a few gigs. We were last there early in 2020 just as Covid was starting to spread and we had to cancel the second half of the tour and get back into the UK as borders were closing.

2023 is looking promising, we’ve plenty of gigs to keep us busy and a new album may well be on the horizon.

Wallace monument