The excitement is building, we’re now three weeks in and still have clean socks.

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Folk who we know from back in the UK show up at a gig with cake. It’s true!
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I’ll be honest (Dave) I’m amazed at the tour we have in front of us. We’ve toured in Oz twice before and both times I must have applied for about eight or ten festivals and we were booked for a couple. This time I applied for ten and we’ve been booked for seven. I don’t know what has changed, I’m guessing it’s just luck, but whatever it is, we’ll take it.

That's us done for 2023 as far as live performances go. We're now busy booking flights, cars and arranging accommodation for our gigs out in Australia and New Zealand in the new year. We're really looking to returning down under - it's been a while since we were there and we've just hit the "Oh crikey, it's nearly here. Let's start panicking!" mode. As much as we will miss family and friends here in the UK, writing off a hefty chunk of winter here in Blighty and meeting up with friends old and new in OZ and NZ is a very appealing prospect.

We are absolutely delighted to be returning to Australia for the 2024 festival season.

It will be our third tour out there, the last being in 2019.

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To be honest we were pretty shattered by the time we'd finished our Canadian tour. The gigs were great, but the miles were starting to drag. Not that we had a lot of time to think about it. We got home home on the Tuesday evening and were on the road to Derby on the Friday to play the Derby Folk Weekender (always a pleasure). Back home again on the Sunday night. Cut the grass, do the washing and then on the Wednesday we flew to Portugal for the Costa Music Festival.