We were both surprised and delighted to receive a message this week that contained a link to Mike Wistow's review of Live from the Lounge.

Well we didn't think we'd still be doing our #LivefromtheLounge weekly live streams forty four weeks after we started, but to be fair who on earth saw this sh*t storm coming.

In the grand scheme of things, we've nothing to complain about, both ourselves and our families are all okay, which is a lot better than many.

We'll keep going with the streams for the time being, we've no plans to go anywhere and it's great to have a virtual get together with folks every week.

We are ordering as limited run of Live from the Lounge T-shirts.

If you'd like one, please order as soon as possible for Christmas delivery.

Order here.

We had no idea it would go on so long that it would need its own webpage, but here it is.

All of the videos from our Live From the Lounge live-streams along with the song lists and song writers.

Huge huge, ultra mahoosive thanks to Beardy Dave and his team for pulling out all stops to allow Beardy Folk Festival to go ahead.

They've worked their socks off and jumped through all of the hoops to ensure the event is fully Covid compliant and safe for both punters and artists alike.

We'll be performing on the main stage on Friday 18th September and plan to stay over and take in some of the other great acts as well as catch up with friends.

Life under lockdown has certainly been a strange one. Like many others in this business we've not spent this long at home in a long, long time. We now know more people who live down our road than at any time over the last twenty years. There's some nice folks out there. Our garden has never looked so good and we've built a summerhouse (timelapse video here).

Until now our Thursday night Facebook shows have been pre-recorded. Mostly filmed the day before as live without edits and then uploaded Facebook and Youtube in time for the watch party (back shows are here). We'd then get a drink and some nibbles and watch the videos back with anyone else who cared to join in the watch party.

Hello folks. Hope you are keeping happy and well in these strange times that we are living in.

As with thousands of others all over the world, we've seen our work for most of the year ahead disappear almost overnight. However this isn't a gripe about that - we've concentrated on the things we can do, rather than those we can't.

We've been collecting up your donations towards our two nominated charities - The MU Musicians' Hardship Fund and Sleaford Food Larder. The total is now approaching £200, so we'll soon be sending each of them £100.

If you'd like to add to this total, you can send your donations via Paypal to

Thank you all for your generosity - this will make a difference to people's lives.

Live from the Lounge #5 is out there and it's another set of originals this time. We've had a few surprises with some of the suggestions, but it's been fun rising to the challenge.

We open this set up with Hark the Blackbird's Singing, a song we've never performed live before (don't know why) but we're pleased we have now, it will do doubt come out again in the future.

Other requests saw lead to us singing Watermelon Karen and Tell my Mother I'll not be Gone Long. We've not done either of those in many years.

Please keep them coming.