We've just returned from a few gigs overseas, playing in Tilburg (Netherlands) Solingen and Kiel (Germany)

You never know how it's going to go when playing new venues and especially when they're so far from home. But we needn't have worried, aside from the gig at the Torpedo Theatre in Amsterdam being cancelled all else was good and we shall be going back.

Dave took the photo from the pier at Calais the evening before we returned to the UK.

Five gigs in five days starting in Cramlington on Nov 1st then around Scotland and back home, short but sweet. We're home for two days and then off again. Check out the Dates page for details.

Exciting times (for us anyway) January will see us making our first venture to Australia & New Zealand. The first dates for our gigs in Australia and New Zealand are up on the website and there are one or two more to be confirmed. We've been booked to play three festivals in Australia as well as a string of concert venues and folk clubs that will take us from Queensland to New South Wales, Victoria, over to New Zealand both the North and South Islands and then back for a few more dates in Western Australia.

Don't you love it when the whole town gets into a festival, there were Morris Dancers, Hobby Horses hobbying and plenty of singing and sessioning at Banbury Festival.

Another great job from Derek and Mary and all the volunteers.

What a beautiful way to end a festival - performers and committee singing "Rolling Home" and handing out paper flowers (made by Derby 3D from old programmes) to the audience as they left the final concert. 

And we got sing to in the cathedral, too. Thanks to Graham Whitmore for the photo.

We had a smashing time at the lovely Manifold Gathering on the Staffordshire Moors. Malcolm had asked us to sing Phil and June Culclough's Song for Ireland as part of the Peace Concert and we were happy to oblige - Kip especially so after Dave the Hat had turned up with a flower, again!

This was our second visit to Bromyard, and the whole weekend was a joy! Yes, it rained on Saturday, but the atmosphere was warm and the audiences were fabulous, especially for our mainstage slot on Friday night. It was great to see so many old friends, and to make so many new ones.

On to the Manifold Gathering this coming weekend. We are very lucky people!

So this weekend we head southwest, to Trowbridge on Friday and Didmarton on Saturday. Well planned, you might think? Well yes, except that we leave Didmarton after our set on Saturday afternoon and head for Fleetwood, just north of Blackpool!

Ho hum.....

Only a couple of days yo go till the brand new "Folk on the Dock" Festival in Liverpool's lovely Albert Docks.

We'll be playing on the main Dock Stage at 11:45am on both Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th. Then we'll be mainly wandering round, watching some other bands, soaking up the atmosphere, and possibly enjoying the odd beer or three.

We had a lovely time at Folk on the Farm last weekend. Wonderful location, smashing people - even the weather made an effort to join in the fun in the end.

It's always nice when people send us photos after a gig, so Kip was thrilled to see this one. Captions welcome!