How are you doing?

Chris, Kip & Dave

Life under lockdown has certainly been a strange one. Like many others in this business we've not spent this long at home in a long, long time. We now know more people who live down our road than at any time over the last twenty years. There's some nice folks out there. Our garden has never looked so good and we've built a summerhouse (timelapse video here).

That's at least one good thing that this pandemic has brought us - communities pulling together. Right at the start of lockdown someone on our street (Samm) set up a Whatsapp group for the street for folks to keep in touch, organise shopping trips, look in on other folks and generally help keep each others spirits up. Let's hope that keeps rolling.

We have continued with our weekly Facebook Live streams; I'm writing this the morning after Live from the Lounge #20. We've kept going with covers one week and then originals the next and so far haven't had any repeats. Our plan is for next week's stream to be a night of all new songs, so there's going to be a lot of practising, swearing and hopefully inspiration over the next six days.

Another thing lockdown has given us is some great collaboration videos. The severely talented Ciaran Algar has been leading the charge on this front and has produced some crackers. Check out his Facebook page to see what he's come up with. Taking Ciaran's lead, we have dabbled ourselves and one of Fairport Convention's finest, Chris Leslie, joined us on Tim Hardin's gorgeous song Reason to Believe. After swapping a couple of emails with Chris, he phoned and we had a good old chat. Chris has just released his first home-produced album and I (Dave) was telling him about our summerhouse - I said that I like to sit in there and work on new songs. Chris said "ah that's woodshedding". He then explained that the term came from some of the old jazz musicians who would go to the garden shed to practice and write. We are now working on a new album; we don't have many songs, but we have a title. More of that in the future, but for now, we need to go and pick some elderberries. Kip is getting into wine-making mode.

Keep well.

Dave & Kip xx