We sincerely hope that you've all had a great Christmas, but let's be honest, "great" might be stretching it quite a bit, given the current state of affairs.

Last night we should have had our first full family get together in over two years. All of the kids and grandkids were going to be there, but four positive Covid tests in the camp put paid to that. However despite that everyone is okay - no serious effects due to the virus, so we can be thankful for that.

So far so good!!

 "Dave Wilson's best songs are those rooted in truth and The Passing of the Storm is packed with them....Winter Wilson just get better and better." (Dai Jeffries, RnR Magazine)

"A lovely record" (Maverick Magazine)

"The quality of these new songs is unquestionable, and paired with their ever-developing maturity as musicians; they make for an unmissable album." (Johnny Whalley, Folk Radio UK)

Our mate Suzie has come up with a great idea. Our latest album The Passing of the Storm has a track on it called "What Would Johnny Cash Do Now" and it's proving to be a real ear worm. Sue suggested we get some tee shirts made with the title printed on them and we thought why not.

If you'd like one, please get your order in and we'll do our best to get them to you in time for Christmas.

Follow this link to order.


It's great to be getting out and performing live again. We've several gigs coming up between now and the end of the year, hopefully these can go ahead without being cursed by covid.

Please come along if you're able, it would be great to see you.

Keep well.

Dave & Kip

Gig list

Nelly – an afternoon with Nell Gwynne


Nelly – An afternoon with Nell Gwynne.

Here it is, our first album of new material in three years. Twelve songs with a wide range of subject matter.

We now have all of our music available on Bandcamp (yes we're very late to the party) and we would very much appreciate it if you would purchase downloads via Bandcamp as they pay the artist reasonable rates.

Should you want a physical copy of any of our CD's (aside from Matter of Time and Footprints as they've all gone) please order via our website and we will post them out to you.

Thanks as always for your support.

Dave & Kip

It's the end of February and the government has announced a gradual easing of restrictions. We've all been missing live music, both performers and audiences and, ever the optimists, we are now tentatively planning gigs from August onwards. As many music venues have gone to the wall we are taking Steve Knightley's (Show of Hands) "grow your own gig" approach to setting up a tour or two (See Steve's video below).

We were both surprised and delighted to receive a message this week that contained a link to Mike Wistow's review of Live from the Lounge.

Well we didn't think we'd still be doing our #LivefromtheLounge weekly live streams forty four weeks after we started, but to be fair who on earth saw this sh*t storm coming.

In the grand scheme of things, we've nothing to complain about, both ourselves and our families are all okay, which is a lot better than many.

We'll keep going with the streams for the time being, we've no plans to go anywhere and it's great to have a virtual get together with folks every week.