Life under lockdown has certainly been a strange one. Like many others in this business we've not spent this long at home in a long, long time. We now know more people who live down our road than at any time over the last twenty years. There's some nice folks out there. Our garden has never looked so good and we've built a summerhouse (timelapse video here).

Until now our Thursday night Facebook shows have been pre-recorded. Mostly filmed the day before as live without edits and then uploaded Facebook and Youtube in time for the watch party (back shows are here). We'd then get a drink and some nibbles and watch the videos back with anyone else who cared to join in the watch party.

Hello folks. Hope you are keeping happy and well in these strange times that we are living in.

As with thousands of others all over the world, we've seen our work for most of the year ahead disappear almost overnight. However this isn't a gripe about that - we've concentrated on the things we can do, rather than those we can't.

We've been collecting up your donations towards our two nominated charities - The MU Musicians' Hardship Fund and Sleaford Food Larder. The total is now approaching £200, so we'll soon be sending each of them £100.

If you'd like to add to this total, you can send your donations via Paypal to

Thank you all for your generosity - this will make a difference to people's lives.

Live from the Lounge #5 is out there and it's another set of originals this time. We've had a few surprises with some of the suggestions, but it's been fun rising to the challenge.

We open this set up with Hark the Blackbird's Singing, a song we've never performed live before (don't know why) but we're pleased we have now, it will do doubt come out again in the future.

Other requests saw lead to us singing Watermelon Karen and Tell my Mother I'll not be Gone Long. We've not done either of those in many years.

Please keep them coming.

Another in our series of lockdown gigs. This week we've performed covers by the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Clive Gregson, Libby Titus, George Harrison and many more.

Keep the requests coming, next weeks show will be all originals.

Thanks for watching.


Dave & Kip


You can view the video via this link here or from our video page

This is the third of our lockdown home video gigs and it's the first set of our own songs that people have requested via Facebook/Twitter etc.

Keep Well. Dave & Kip

You can view the video via this link here or from our video page

Thanks very much for all of the song suggestions, you've kept us very busy and given us an excuse to leave the gardening for an afternoon, and we've had a lot of fun in the process.

You can view the second episode of our lockdown videos via this link here or from our video page.

We will be posting another set next week which will be made up of our own songs and then we'll probably do another covers set the following week.

So please keep the suggestions coming.

As Coronavirus has put paid to our gigs for the next few months, we've been finding other ways to keep occupied.

The garden has never looked so good, we've spoken to the neighbours (they're very nice) and we've got paint in the garage ready for the stairs and hallway.

But apart from that we'll be putting up a few videos onto YouTube, Instagram and Facebook etc, the first one being a set of covers requested by folks via Facebook.

Have a look, let us know what you think and keep the suggestions coming, let's keep in touch.

We were out and about playing a few gigs recently and called in on Les Ray at Cambridge 105 Radio.

We played live, selected a few of our own favourite songs and have a chat with Les on his Strummers and Dreamers show.

You can listen back if you wish, just click this link.