Recording continues, along with photography and design work, for the new album.

In the meantime, our next gig will be on Saturday 29th July at 2:05pm, when we have a showcase slot in the Club Tent at Cambridge Festival, as guests of Cambridge Acoustic Routes.

We were surprised when a friend messaged us the link to this article in Lincolnshire Life Magazine, it came out of the blue, but not unwelcome

Winter Wilson featured in Lincolnshire Live

We recently had the good fortune to be invited into the BBC Radio Lincolnshire studios, to play a couple of songs live and to have a chat about our tour down under. We took the opportunity to give a new song, "Far off on the Horizon" its first airing. 

You can here the songs and the chat via the listen again link below.

Winter Wilson in WA

By Al R

Just what is a muse and how do you get one? It seems everyone else but me knows. But the one thing I think I do know is how to tell when somebody has one. Passion and an unrelenting itch to create seem to give it away. I reckon Winter Wilson must have several muses on a continuing consulting basis.