Live From the Lounge

"Live from the lounge" is our weekly live-stream broadcast from our lounge (see what we did there?). It started back in April 2020 and who knows when it will finish. We alternate weekly between cover songs and originals and did the first thirty four weeks (to November 19th) without repeating a song. That has now changed however, as we have scraped our barrel of original songs to such an extent that you can see daylight through the sides, but the covers are nearly always new.

#60 May 27th 2021. Over and (almost) out.

Live from the Lounge number sixty is the last of our weekly streams. We're not finishing all together, but as there are some signs of normality starting to appear we're going to go monthly for  while. No particular theme this week, just songs we wanted to do and a couple of requests.

Feels Like Home (Randy Newman)

Turn Of A Card (Dave Wilson)

Matty Groves (Traditional)

Romeo and Juliet (Mark Knopfler)

Carnival Knowledge (John Gorka)

Everything is Free (Dave Rawling/Gillian Welch)

Strange Affair (Richard Thompson)

Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel)

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

Rockin' In The Free World (Neil Young)


#59 May 20th 2021. Bob Dylan's 80th birthday tribute. "Under the Covers" set twenty nine.

Girl From The North Country

Is Your Love In Vain

Sweetheart Like You

Man In A Long Black Coat

Love Minus Zero

Goodbye Jimmy Reed

Make You Feel My Love

If Not For You

One Too Many Mornings

Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)


#58 May 13th 2021. Originals set twenty seven, featuring songs from the album Far Off on the Horizon.

Far Off On The Horizon

Grateful For The Rain

The Ship It Rocked

St Peter's Gate

Tried and Tested


When First I Met Amanda

I Cannot Remain


#57 May 6th 2021. "Under the Covers" set twenty eight.

Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution (Tracy Chapman)

Killing the Blues (Roly Salley)

Georgia on my Mind (Hoagy Carmichael / Stuart Gorrell)

I Still Dream (Richard Thompson)

The Scarecrow (Lal Waterson)

Cocaine Blues (T. J. "Red" Arnall)

Whisky Poet (Corinne West)

Crossing Muddy Waters (John Hiatt)


#56 April 29th 2021. Originals set twenty six, featuring songs from the album Ashes & Dust.

I'd Rather Be Ashes Than Dust

Gallows Hill

Nothing Stays The Same

Hark The Blackbird's Singing

Don't Try To Give Me Something I Don't Need

Is It True That His Eyes Are Like Mine

Weary Traveller


The Healing Time

All songs © David J Wilson


#55 April 22nd 2021. "Under the Covers" set twenty seven.

Across the Great Divide (Kate Wolf)

Love Hurts (Bryant Boudleaux)

Don't Dream It's Over (Neil Finn)

I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton)

Outside Woman Blues (Blind Joe Reynolds)

Everything Is Free (Dave Rawling/Gillian Welch)

Even A Fool Would Let Go (Tom Snow / Kerry Chater)

I Am Stretched On Your Grave (Philip King/Trad)

You've Got A Friend (Carole King)


#54 April 15th 2021. Originals set twenty five, featuring songs from the album Cutting Free.

Avon's Bank

A Door That Never Opens

I'll Not Sing Auld Lang Syne

It Was Never In My Hands

I've Goat A One Way Ticket

Cold Blows December Winds

The Field Behind Our House*

Still Life In The Old Dog Yet

All songs © David J Wilson, except * Nick Keir


#53 April 2nd 2021. The first year anniversary party, a good excuse to put on the gladrags.

All of the songs this week are particular highlights from the past year of streams. Some are requests and some are particular favourites of ours.


Love The One You're With (Stephen Stills)

Beeswing (Richard Thompson)

He Fades Away (Alistair Hulett)

Need Your Love So Bad (John Jr. Mertis AKA Little Willy John)

Log Cabin in the Sky (Mike Heron)

It'll Take a Long Time (Sandy Denny)

Helplessly Hoping (Stephen Stills)

Feels Like Home (Randy Newman)

Shallow (Andrew Wyatt / Anthony Rossomando / Mark Ronson / Stefani Germanotta)

Here Comes the Sun (George Harrison)


#52 March 25th 2021 Originals set twenty four, featuring songs from the album Milestones.

A Soldier's Tale *

Turn, Turn, Turn

Millstones or Milestones


My Only Crime

Four Seasons More

Melancholy Blues

When the Ship Began to Roll

All songs © David J Wilson


#51 March 18th 2021. "Under the Covers" set twenty six.


Rare Auld Times (Pete St John)

Sammy's bar (Cyril Tawney)

The Weight (Robbie Robertson)

Mothers Daughters Wives (Judy Small)

Spanish Pipe Dream (John Prine)

Lying in the Arms of Mary (Ian Sutherland)

Time in a Bottle (Jim Croce)

Something Inside So Strong (Labi Siffre)


#50 March 11th 2021. Originals set twenty three, featuring songs from the album I Hear Voices Sing.

I Hear Voices Sing

Rainbows and Clover

Soldiers Song

Nothing Hurts Like the Truth

Ain't Life Like That

One Step From Heaven

Orange Trees and Dusty Roads

Whoever Said

All songs © David J Wilson


#49 March 4th 2021. "Under the Covers" set twenty five.


When We Were Young (Adele Adkins / Tobias Jesso)

Our Town (Iris Dement)

Helplessly Hoping (Stephen Stills)

Turning of the Tide (Richard Thompson)

Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez)

Rome and Juliet (Mark Knopfler)

Walking on a Wire (Richard Thompson)

Down by the Water (Colin Meloy)


#48 February 25th 2021. Originals set twenty two, featuring songs from the album These Are The Things.

These are the Things

Tell my Mother I'll not be Gone Long


I Wish I Could Turn Back Time

I Never Intended Running Away

Two Million Soldiers*

Watermelon Karen

Thank the Lord I'm an Atheist

Middle England to the Middle East

All songs © David J Wilson except * Chris Watson/David J Wilson


#47 February 18th 2021. "Under the Covers" set twenty four.

Love Song (Lesley Duncan / Lesley Duncan / Burt  Bacharach)

One Man Band (Leo Sayer / Dave Courtney)

Bird on a Wire (Leonard Cohen)

Starman (David Bowie)

The Golden Bells (Traditional)

Goodbye Jimmy Read (Bob Dylan)

I Run to You (Tom Douglas / Hillary Dawn Scott / Dave Haywood / Charles Kelley)

Run For Home (Alan Hull)


#46 February 11th 2021. Originals twenty-one, featuring songs from the album Matter of Time.

Matter of Time

Dreaming Again

For Whom the Bell Tolls

This Day is Mine

What Else Can I Do

Still Worth Fighting For

Failure to Learn

I'm Gonna Find Myself a Lover

All songs © David J Wilson


#45 February 4th 2021. "Under the Covers" set twenty three.


Louisiana (Randy Newman)

Salford Sunday (Richard Thompson)

I'm Not Ready to Make Nice (Martha Maguire / Natalie Maines / Emily Robison / Dan Wilson)

Waltzing's For Dreamers (Richard Thompson)

Live Oak (Jason Isbell)

Four Seasons in One Day (Neil Finn / Tim Finn)

From Where I Lie/Sheep Counting (John Tams)

One More Cup of Coffee (Bob Dylan)


#44 January 28th 2021. Originals twenty, featuring songs from the album Second Skin.

We have squeezed in one cover at the end as a tribute to the lovely Mick Peat xx

Bound By Pride

Miss You

Storm Around Tumbledown

I Can't Love You Now (like I used to do)

Someone Else's Bed

So Cold At Night

You Got No Business

Fragile Life

I Will (for Mick) 

All songs © David J Wilson except for I Will, written by Lennon / McCartney


#43 January 21st 2021. "Under the Covers" set twenty-two.

Rainy Night in Soho (Shane McGowan)

Why Worry (Mark Knopfler)

The First to Know (Dar Williams)

You Got Me Dizzy (Jimmy Reed / Ewart Abner)

Autumn Leaves (Giorgio Canali / Francesco Magnelli / Gianni Maroccolo / Massimo Zamboni / Giovanni Lindo Ferretti)

The Times They Are A Changin' (Bob Dylan)

Black Velvet (Christopher Ward / David Tyson)

I Used to Love Her (Paul Cunniffe / Davey Carton / Leo Moran / Padraig Stevens)


#42 January 14th 2021, Originals set nineteen.

What Mother's Do

Tried and Tested

Been a Long Day

I Cannot Remain

Always the Bridesmaid

Weary Traveller

What Does it Take to Face the Morning

Still Life in the Old Dog Yet

All songs © David J Wilson.

#41 January 7th 2021. "Under the Covers" set twenty-one.


Natural Woman (Gerry Goffin / Carole King / Jerry Wexler)

The Rose (Amanda McBroom)

Reason to Believe (Tim Hardin)

Moondance (Van Morrison)

Barricades Of Heaven (Luis Cristobal Conte / Jackson Browne / Mauricio Fritz Lewak / Scott Thurston / Mark Goldenberg / Kevin James Mccormick / Jeffrey Young)

Guilty (Randy Newman)

The Things We Do For Love (Eric Stewart / G. Gouldman)

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)


#40 December 31st 2020. WW's New Year's Eve Soirée.


Teach Your Children. (Graham Nash)

Ain't No Sweet Man (Fred Fisher)

Millstones (David J Wilson)

Lean on Me (Bill Withers)

Love the One You're With (Stephen Stills)

Wish You Were Here (David Gilmour / Roger Waters)

We Still Get Along (David J Wilson)

Meet on the Ledge (Richard Thompson)


#39 December 24th 2020. Christmas in Lockdown.

Ragpicker's Dream (Mark Knopfler)

River (Joni Mitchell)

I Believe in Father Christmas (Greg Lake / Peter John Sinfield / Serge Prokofieff)

Santa Baby (Philip Springer / Joan Javits / Fred Springer. Arrangement and alternative lyrics Kip Winter)

Holy Night (Adolphe Adam / Placide Cappeau)

Christmastime in Washington (Steve Earl)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town (John Coots / Haven Gillespie)

Fairytale of New York ( Jem Finer / Shane Macgowan)


#38 December 17th 2020. "Under the Covers" set twenty.


Duncan (Paul Simon)

If Not For You (Bob Dylan)

None So Steady (Pete Coe)

With What You've Got (Si Khan)

King Cotton (Mike Harding)

Something Fine (Jackson Browne)

More Than Words (Nuno Bettencourt / Gary Francis Cherone)

Unity (John Tams)


#37 December 10th 2020. Originals set eighteen

My Dear Alexandra

To Hell With Monday Morning


The Angry Mother *


Orange Trees and Dusty Roads

Cutting Free

I'll Not Song Auld Lang Syne

All songs © David J Wilson except * Christina Wilson.


#36 December 3rd 2020. "Under the Covers" set nineteen.

At Seventeen (Janis Ian)

Deconstruction (Emily Ann Saliers)

What if God Was One Of Us? (Eric Bazilian)

Ae Fond Kiss (Robbie Burns)

Tracks of my Tears ( Marvin Tarplin / Smokey Robinson / Warren Moore / William Robinson Jr)

King of the Road (Roger Miller)

I Need Your Love So Bad (John Jr. Mertis AKA Little Willy John)


#35 November 26th 2020. Originals set seventeen.


Is it True That His Eyes Are Like Mine

I'd Rather Be Ashes Than Dust

Doreen and Joe

Merciful Father

Far Off On The Horizon

This Day Is Mine


Unfinished Business

All songs © David J Wilson.


#34 November 19th 2020. "Under the Covers" set eighteen.

Mansion on the Hill (Hank Williams / Fred Rose)

If I Had a Boat (Lyle Lovett)

Heart of Gold (Neil Young)

Patience (Frank Higgins)

Tennessee Whiskey ( Linda H Bartholomew / Dean Dillon)

Dream a Little Dream Of Me (Andre Fabian / Kahn Gus / Schwandt Wilbur)

Amoureuse (Veronique Sanson / Gary Osborne)

Marrakesh Express (Graham Nash)


#33 November 12th 2020. Originals set sixteen.

I Missed a Turn Upon  the Road

Going Back Home

Our Love Has All Been Spent

I Must've Been Mad

All in Dust

Two Million Soldiers*

I'm Gonna Find Myself a Lover

Sessions End

All songs © David J Wilson except * Chris Watson / David J Wilson

#32 November 5th 2020. "Under the Covers" set seventeen.

Tougher Than the Rest (Bruce Springsteen)

I Just Go (Boz Skaggs)

Going Back (Carole King / Gerry Goffin)

Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional)

Mr Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker)

John Anderson (Robert Burns)

You Ain’t Going Nowhere (Bob Dylan)

One Step Up and Two Steps Back (Bruce Springsteen)

Two Fingers of Whisky (Elton John / Bernie Taupin)


#31 October 29th 2020. Originals set fifteen.

No Not Me

Ashes and Dust

Step Out With Me

The Old Man Was a Sea Dog

Wide Open

Failure to Learn

The Mighty Ash

One Night is All I’m Asking

All songs © David J Wilson


#30  October 22nd 2020. "Under the Covers" set sixteen.

Two of us (Lennon / McCartney)

The Way it Will be (David Rawlings / Gillian Welch)

I’m on Fire (Bruce Springsteen)

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle)

Sweet Soul Dream (Karl Wallinger)

I Can’t Make You Love Me (Michael Reid / Allen Shamblin)

Wish You Were Here (David Gilmour / Roger Waters)

Leaving (Emily Ann Saliers)


#29 October 15th 2020. Originals set fourteen.

Standing by a River

Some Stones

I’m Sure I Don’t Mean This

Maybe Tonight

Penny a Bunch

Weary Traveller

I Cannot Remain

When Blondin Walked the Tightrope in the Market Square

All songs © David J Wilson


#28 October 8th 2020. "Under the Covers" set fifteen.

Miss Ohio (David Rawlings / Gillian Welch)

The Man Who Lived in Bottles (Kieran Halpin)

One Miner's Life (Ed Pickford)

Fisherman's Blues ( Scott / Wickham

Green Mossy Banks of the Lee (Henry J. Wehman)

Are we Human (Julie Matthews)

Hello in There (John Prine)

Rolling Home (John Tams)


#27 October 1st 2020. Originals set thirteen.

Hope I Never Grow Old

Just Good Friends


You’re Not Gonna Save the World

Reminded me of Someone

To Hell with Monday Morning

Sad Farewell

The Ship Began to Roll

All songs © David J Wilson


#26 September 24th 2020. "Under the Covers" set fourteen.

Days (Ray Davies)

Call Me (Imelda Mary Higham / Patrick Russell Davis)

Wall of Death (Richard Thompson)

Time (Tom Waits)

Tomorrow is a Long Time (Bod Dylan)

Is Your Love in Vain (Bob Dylan)

These Days (Jackson Browne)

There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis. (Kirsty McColl)                                    


#25 September 17th 2020. Originals set twelve.

Nothing stays the same

Gallows Hill

I wish I could turn back time

Whoever said

Four seasons more


The ship it rocked

Life goes on

All songs © David J Wilson


#24 September 10th 2020. "Under the Covers" set thirteen.

Stones in the Road (Mary Chapin Carpenter)

Hares on the Mountain (Traditional)

Never Could Resist a Winding Road (Richard Thompson)

The Tower Song (Townes Van Zandt)

Witchita Linesman (Jimmy Webb)

 Fly me to the Moon (Bart Howard)

Dark Island (Iain Maclachlan)

Barricades of Heaven (Luis Cristobal Conte / Jackson Browne / Mauricio Fritz Lewak / Scott Thurston / Mark Goldenberg / Kevin James Mccormick / Jeffrey Young)

A Heart Needs a Home (Richard Thompson)


#23 Originals September 3rd 2020. Originals set eleven.

Bound by Pride

Hotter Than the Sun

The Healing Time

Turn Turn Turn

Grateful for the Rain

When First I Met Amanda

Don’t Try To Give Me Something I Don’t Need.


All songs © David J Wilson


#22 August 27th 2020. "Under the Covers" set twelve.

Sand and Water (Beth Nielsen Chapman)

Peppers and Tomatoes (Ralph McTell)

Fear a’ Bhatha (Sìne NicFhionnlaigh)

Free Falling (Jeff Lynne / Thomas Earl Petty)

Water Lily (Karine Polwart)

Mr Tamborine Man (Bob Dylan)

Wings (Brian Bedford)

Harlem River Blues (Justin Townes Earl)


#21 August 20th 2020. Originals set ten.

All for the coin

My Dear Alexandra

I Wish You Good Morning

The Day I Went to Prison

Black Crow

The Angry Mother* (Christina Wilson)

I Never Thought That Love Would Find Me

What Would Johnny Cash Do Now?

Once More for the Old Times

All songs © David J Wilson except *


#20 August 13th 2020. "Under the Covers" set eleven.

Bolder to Birmingham (Bill Danoff / Emmylou Harris)

January Man (Dave Goulder)

Guilty (Randy Newman)

Black Muddy River (Robert Hunter)

Sandwood Down to Kyle (Dave Goulder)

Pacing the Cage (Bruce Cockburn)

Hit the Ground Running (Dana Cooper)

Down Where the Drunkards Roll (Richard Thompson)

In the Neighbourhood (Thomas Alan Waits)


#19 August 6th 2020. Originals set nine.

Soldiers Song

What Does it Take to Face the Morning

To Hell With Monday Morning

One Way Ticket

The Door That Never Opened

What Can I Do To Make You Happy

For Whom the Bell Tolls

I’ll Not Sing Auld Lang Syne

All songs © David J Wilson


#18 July 30th 2020. "Under the Covers" set ten.

Blue Chalk (John Gorka)

Man of the World (Peter Green)

He Fades Away (Alistair Hulett)

Log Cabin in the Sky (Mike Heron)

Perhaps Love (John Denver)

Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell)

Voices That’s All (Neil Ferguson / Louise Watts / Judith Abbott / Allan Whalley)

The Weakness in Me (Joan Armatrading)

Redemption Songs (Bob Marley)


#17 July 23rd 2020. Originals set eight

Don’t Ask Me Why

Rainbows and Clover

Got No Business


Never in My Hands

Cold Blow December Winds

Hard Walkin’

Common Form

All songs © David J Wilson


#16 July 16th 2020. "Under the Covers" set nine.

Downeaster Alexa (Billy Joel)

The Day After Tomorrow (Kathleen Brennan / Thomas Alan Waits)

Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan)

 All Just Talk (Clive Gregson)

Across a Western Ocean (Trad arr Pete Coe)

Be My Downfall (Justin Currie)

Everybody Hurts (William Thomas Berry / Peter Lawrence Buck / Michael E. Mills / John Michael Stipe)

Oliver James (Robin Pecknold)

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (KT Tunstall)


#15 July 9th 2020. Originals set seven.

One Step From Heaven

Been a Long Day

So Cold Tonight

Son of Tandragee

St Peter’s Gate

Freo Doctor

Melancholy Blues

Middle England to the Middle East

All songs © David J Wilson


#14 July 2nd 2020. "Under the Covers" set eight.

People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield)

Avalon (Nick Keir)

Winter Song (Alan Hull)

Step it out Mary (Sean McCarthy)

 Blues Run the Game (Jackson C Frank)

Ready for the Storm (Dougie McLean)

Jerusalem (Steve Earl)


#13 June 25th 2020. Originals set six.

Mr O’Malley

Drifting away

Captain Dexter

These are the things

Fragile life


Dreaming again

Never get to heaven

All songs © David J Wilson


#12 June 18th 2020. "Under the Covers" set seven.

Nobody’s Girl (Larry John McNally)

It’ll take a long time (Sandy Denny)

Pancho & Lefty (Townes Van Zandt)

Feels like home (Randy Newman)

My Old Friend the Blues (Steve Earl)

Absent friends (Keith Hancock)

Reunion hill (Richard Shindell)

Shallow (Andrew Wyatt / Anthony Rossomando / Mark Ronson / Stefani Germanotta)

Another train (Pete Morton)


#11 June 11th 2020. Originals set five.

What Else Can I Do

Any Fool Can See

Cobwebs on the Windows

Merciful Father

Turn of a Card

Doreen and Joe

Consultation Bullshit Blues

My Only Crime

First to Fall

All songs © David J Wilson


#10 June 4th 2020. "Under the Covers" set six.

Make your own kind of music (Cynthia Wiel)

What it’s Worth (Stephen Stills)

Waltzings for Dreamers (Richard Thompson)

I’m a Dreamer (Sandy Denny)

Have You Ever Seen the Rain (John Fogerty)

Withered and Died (Richard Thompson)

Sara (Bob Dylan)

Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen)

If This is Goodbye (Mark Knopfler)


#9 May 28th 2020. Originals set four.

Never Far From Home

Still Worth Fighting For

Never Intended Running Away

Orange Trees and Dusty Roads

A Millers Life

Life is to Live

Millstones or Milestones

We Still get Along

Stay Awhile

All songs © David J Wilson


#8 May 21st 2020. "Under the Covers" set five.

Jimmy Blue (Justin Currie)

River (Joni Mitchell)

Last of the Great Whales (Andy Barnes)

You Build a Wall (Grace Petrie)

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Ian Curtis / Peter Hook / Bernard Sumner / Stephen Morris)

May You Never (John Martyn)

Persuasion (Tim Finn / Richard Thompson)

All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan)


#7 May 14th 2020. Originals set three.

Ain’t Life Like That 

A Soldier’s Tale * (Christina & David J Wilson)

Cutting Free



Nothing Hurts Like the Truth

The Field Behind Our House * (Nick Keir)

September in a Seaside Town

Who Will Remember me?

All songs © David J Wilson except *


#6 May 7th 2020. "Under the Covers" set four.

Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye (Leonard Cohen)

Beeswing (Richard Thompson)

Songbird (Christine McVie)

Roseville Fair (Bill Staines)

The River (Bruce Springsteen)

In Spite of Ourselves (John Prine)

Hold Back the Tide (John Tams)

Cry Love (John Hiatt)

Meet on the Ledge (Richard Thompson)


#5 April 30th 2020. Originals set two.

Hark the Blackbird

I Can’t Love You Now

Matter of Time

Far Off on the Horizon

We Still Get Along

Tell My Mother I’ll Not Be Gone Long

Watermelon Karen

What Mothers Do

This Day is Mine

All songs © David J Wilson


#4 April 23rd 2020. "Under the Covers" set three.

Here Comes the Sun (George Harrison)

Caledonia (Dougie MacLean)

Home Is Where the Heart Is (Clive Gregson)

I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight (Richard Thompson)

All Over This Town (Nick Keir)

Old Man (Neil Young)

The Bridal Train (Vikki Thorn)

Love Has No Pride (Eric Kaz / Libby Titus)

Harm’s Swift Way (Townes Van Zandt)

The Parting Glass (John McDermott)

#3 April 16th 2020. Originals set one.

Someone Else’s Bed

Avon’s Bank

Thanks the Lord I'm an Atheist

I Hear Voices Sing


The Monkey Tree

Miss You

Tried & Tested

Is It True That His Eyes Are Like Mine?

Still Life in the Old Dog Yet

All songs © David J Wilson


#2 April 9th 2020. "Under the Covers" set two.

Teach Your Children Well (Graham Nash)

I Will (Lennon & McCartney)

No Walls, No Wires (Roger Cook)

The Dimming of the Day (Richard Thompson)

Clare to Here (Ralph McTell)

Poetic Justice (Tom Kimmel)

Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Sandy Deny)

John Ball (Sydney Carter)

Speed of the Sound of Loneliness (John Prine)

Lean On Me (Bill Withers)


#1 April 2nd 2020. "Under the Covers" set one.

Love the One You’re With. (Stephen Stills)

For A Dancer. (Jackson Browne)

The Road’s My Middle Name. (Bonnie Raitt)

Carnival Knowledge. (John Gorka)

I Heard it Through the Grapevine. (Norman Whitfield / Barrett Strong)

Lady Eleanor. (Alan Hull)

A Case of You. (Joni Mitchell) 

Time After Time (Cindi Lauper)

Angel from Montgomery. (John Prine)

Keep Your Distance. (Richard Thompson)