Ashes & Dust - reaction so far

We've been pretty chuffed with the reviews we've received for Ashes & Dust up to now. Here's just a few snippets.


“If you already own some or all of this outstanding duo’s previous releases, you know why you need to add this to your collection. If not, herein lies one of your most treasured album purchases of 2016.”

                                 Nigel Schofield, The Living Tradition


"Winter Wilson's superbly crafted musicianship and heartfelt songs and performance are the bedrock on which this country's folk circuit rests and both it and the world would be a poorer place without them.”                                               

 Mike Davies, Folk Radio UK


“A fine follow up to the critically-acclaimed Cutting Free.Kip Winter simply has a voice to die for but both are extremely proficient musicians....really enjoyable.” ««««

John Roffey, Maverick Magazine


“Cracking new album!” Austerity is “one of the strongest songs of the last twelve months.”

Mike Harding Folk Show


“Their instrumental dexterity makes for a diversity of styles and maintains the interest throughout.” ««««

Dai Jeffries, R2 Magazine


“Both very skilled lead singers, they provide intuitive vocal harmonies to die for....Classy!”

David Kidman, fRoots Magazine


“This one could win more awards”                                       Graham Hobbs, Shirefolk Magazine